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Wedding Planning - What We're Splurging On & What We're Saving On

Wedding Planning - What We're Splurging On & What We're Saving On

So... I've been a little MIA lately!  Oops :(  But I'm so happy to be back on here because so much has changed in my life in the past few months and I'm so excited to share it with you!  


First of all, my ex and I got back together.. then we got engaged!  Woo hoo!  (Should I write a whole blog post on our love story?  I may be a little biased, but I think it's a pretty good story).  

For this post, I wanted to share with you all a little bit about how our wedding planning is going.  I plan on doing a few posts like this throughout our engagement!  Today I'm going to let you in on what we are splurging on, and what we decided to save money on.  I know this is going to be different for everyone based on what is important to you, but this list is based on what is important to us and some things that aren't so important to us that we decided to save on, or skip altogether.  



Things We Are Splurging On

  1. Our outfits -  Wearing a beautiful wedding gown has always been super important to me, so when it came to buying my dress I knew I wanted to go to a local boutique and spend a decent amount on it.  I went to Facchiano's  here in Tulsa and got the most gorgeous dress by Maggie Sottero.  I also got a veil that matches beautifully.  I can't wait to walk down the aisle in my dress!  For Tanner's suit, his dad offered to take him to his "suit guy"  for a custom suit!  He will be wearing a navy blue suit.  He's going to look so dapper, I just know it!  
  2. Photography -  Although I'm not going with a super expensive photographer, I am spending $2,000 on our photographer.  This amount includes engagement session, bridal session, and a second photographer!  I haven't booked her yet, so when I do I'll be sharing her website with you guys in case you're looking for a wedding photographer in Tulsa!  The photographer I've chosen takes the most gorgeous pictures - I can't wait to book her! 
  3. Our venue -  Tanner and I are getting married at Willow Creek Mansion in Broken Arrow.  This venue is so beautiful!  We fell in love with it the moment we walked through the door.  The entire mansion is reserved for the wedding party and family members to spend the day getting ready, and the ballroom and backyard are for the guests to enjoy the ceremony and reception.  Since we are getting married in January, it will probably be too cold to get married outside.  Because of this, we are planning on having our ceremony and reception in the ballroom.  But we live in Oklahoma, so there's really no telling what the weather will be like, so there's always a possibility it'll be warm enough to have a ceremony outside - we will see!  
  4. The cake - I am beyond excited to be ordering our wedding cake from Laurannae Baking Company  in Broken Arrow!  Kimberly makes the most incredible cakes and they are gorgeous!  This is a little bit of a splurge, but having a beautiful wedding cake was something that was super important to us.  
  5. The honeymoon - We are so blessed to have the honeymoon gifted to us, so this isn't something we are splurging on personally, but I still thought I'd add it to the list since it's a part of our wedding.  Tanner's dad offered to send us on a honeymoon, and we chose Maui!  I'm so excited about going to Hawaii for the first time in my life!  Tanner and his family have been a lot - Tanner actually lived in Oahu for a little while - but I have never been, so this is a dream come true for me!  We booked our Airbnb last night - a gorgeous condo right on the water!  

Things We Are Saving On

  1. The food -  Tanner and I decided not to have a full meal at our reception.  We are having our wedding at one in the afternoon, so we didn't feel the need to serve a huge meal after lunch time but before dinner.  Instead, we have decided to go to our local grocery store and order party trays from the deli.  We are planning on ordering pinwheel sandwiches, veggies and fruit trays, and cheese and crackers.  We are also doing no alcohol.  Neither one of us are big drinkers, and since we are having an afternoon wedding, we didn't feel this was really necessary.
  2. The music -  Tanner and I are having an acoustic guitar player play and sing during our ceremony (I'm so excited about this!!) but we chose to save on music during our reception and set up a record player with old classic records so guests can chose what we play during the reception.  We are thinking Etta James, Frank Sinatra, etc.  Also, neither one of us are big on dancing so having a DJ was never something we even considered.  
  3. Invitations -  I don't know about you, but whenever I receive an invitation, it goes on my fridge for a little while then it gets thrown in the trash.  Because of this, we chose not to get expensive invitations.  There are a ton of really great options on Etsy that are super inexpensive and really cute!  We are going to order one that we can have printed ourselves and that way we can save a lot of money! 


I hope you enjoyed hearing about our wedding planning so far!  I can't wait to share more of our wedding planning process with you!  



Blue & White Gingham Dress

Blue & White Gingham Dress