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I'm a 30-something living in a little apartment in Tulsa, OK with my cats, Betty and Bernadette.  I graduated in 2010 from Oklahoma State University with my degree in Design, Housing, & Merchandising.  I currently work as a visual merchandiser.  

I started Sarah's Got Style in 2016 as a way to share my love of cute clothes, baking, and makeup.  I hope you enjoy!  If you have any questions for me or ideas just send me a message! 

Blue & White Gingham Dress

Blue & White Gingham Dress

I must admit, I am a little obsessed with the gingham trend right now!  I saw this dress and knew immediately it was something I needed in my closet for this spring/summer!  In May, my boyfriend and I are driving to Dallas to attend the Byron Nelson golf tournament and this may just be what I'll be wearing.  

This dress comes in red gingham, as well, which is so beautiful as well!  

At the bottom of this post, I added some other gingham print dresses I'm obsessed with, too!  

Black & White Jumpsuit

Black & White Jumpsuit