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My Top 5 Favorite Classic Movies

My Top 5 Favorite Classic Movies

One thing about me you should know is, I love really old movies.  When I was growing up, my parents watched classic movies all the time, so I've seen a ton of them!  Here is a list of my top 5 classic movies and why I love them so much!  If there's one on this list you haven't seen, I highly recommend watching it!  And let me know in the comments if you do watch it, or if there are any other classic movies you would recommend to me!  

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

This is my all-time favorite movie.  For starters, I'm obsessed (literally, OBSESSED) with Audrey Hepburn.  I think she's absolutely gorgeous and she was such a great person, too!  My favorite part of this movie is when Holly Golightly is sitting in her window playing her guitar and singing Moon River.  I love this movie because not only is it pretty funny, it also has some really sad parts too!  Audrey's outfits in this movie are amazing - I love all her LBD's and huge hats!  

2. The Philadelphia Story 

Oh my gosh, if you haven't seen this movie, you need to ASAP!  It's hilarious and romantic all rolled into one wonderful movie.  It's about a woman (Katherine Hepburn) who is getting married for the second time, but her ex-husband shows up and causes a little ruckus right before the wedding.  Her ex is Cary Grant, who is super funny in this movie. 

3. Roman Holiday

I know, I know.... another Audrey Hepburn movie.  Oops!  I can't help it, though!  This movie was Audrey's first movie!  She plays a princess who desperately wants to be a normal girl.  She finally gets her wish when she escapes one night and runs into Gregory Peck's character, a reporter.  He initially plans on writing a story for the newspaper about her (without her knowing), but he ends up falling in love with her.  This is such a cute movie! 

4. Pride and Prejudice

If you love Jane Austin, or just love Pride and Prejudice, then you must watch the 1940 version!  It has Greer Garson as Elizabeth and Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy.  I've seen the other versions of this movie, but I still like this one the best!  The costumes are amazing, too! 

5. McLintock! 

I have to include a John Wayne movie in my list because my dad is obsessed with him and I've seen every movie he's ever done (I swear).  Out of all the John Wayne movies, this one is definitely my favorite, mostly because it has Maureen O'Hara playing his wife.  It's about Mr. McLintock, who is a wealthy ranch owner, and his wife, who has been gone for awhile doing who-knows-what with the governor. (Oh, yes).  She comes back when their daughter is scheduled to graduate from school because she plans on taking her away to live with her.  Well, plans change when Mr. and Mrs. McLintock realize they still love each other. 


And there you have it!  I hope you watch any of these you haven't seen.  Let me know if you do, and if you like it! 

- Sarah 

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