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I'm a 30-something living in a little apartment in Tulsa, OK with my husband Tanner and our two cats, Betty and Bernadette.

My Favorite Liquid Lipstick

I am not one of those girls who wears lipstick very often.  When I do, it's a light pink or something that is barely noticeable.  But on days when I'm feeling brave, I like to put on this liquid lipstick: Anastasia Beverly Hills in Craft.  

One thing I love about liquid lipstick is that it stays on the entire day.  I can eat and drink and it is still there!  And, unlike other lipsticks, it doesn't end up on the side of my cup when I drink something.  Is that anyone else's pet peeve?!

Now I must admit, I'm no makeup artist.  And this lipstick can be a bit challenging to put on.  I think it would be much easier if I had a lip liner to line my lips then fill them in with the lipstick because I always have a hard time not making it look sloppy around the edges.  But, even though it's not perfect, I'm happy with how it turns out every time I wear it!  

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