Welcome to Sarah's Got Style! 

I'm a 30-something living in a little apartment in Tulsa, OK with my husband Tanner and our two cats, Betty and Bernadette.

About A Table


A few years ago I lived in an apartment with a large entryway.  It sat bare for several months while I searched for the perfect entryway table.  When my oldest brother found out I was in the market for a table, he offered to make me one instead.  He is very crafty and builds a lot of things, but he had never made a table before this one.  I was hesitant at first knowing this would be his first project of this kind, but I was so happy with the final product!  


I have moved a couple times since receiving this wonderful gift, but it is still my favorite piece in my apartment.  I no longer have an entryway, but this table is so versatile!  I had it behind my couch for awhile, but recently moved it in front of my living room windows and I am very happy with it there. 

- Sarah

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